Some e any
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Some e any

Some e any

Gli aggettivi e pronomi indefiniti some, any, no si usano con i sostantivi plurali e con i sostantivi non numerabili (uncountables) per indicare una certa quantit. English grammar – some & any what’s the difference between someone and anyone take this grammar lesson and find out. Some und any bedeuten zwar das gleiche (etwas oder einige), sie werden aber unterschiedlich verwendet das gilt auch für die zusammensetzungen (compounds). Do you know the rules for using some, any, no or a check out our grammar page on some and any, and then try the exercise below click on the correct answer: some. ‘some’, ‘any’ and ‘no’ are used with both ‘count’ and ‘non-count’ nouns it is useful to remember which nouns are ‘count’ (countable) and.

Some, any, a, an look there is some coffee and there is a newspaper too, it's breakfast time there isn't any jam but there are some toasts now it's your turn. Some & any is a german pop-duo, formed during the eighth season of the german version of the international television talent show popstars du & ich (popstars you & me. Italy forced me to grow up some —e w brooke i'm not a prude definition of some for english language learners: to an unspecified amount or degree-some. Some or any click on the buttons until you find the correct answer. Exercises on some / any :: learn english online - free exercises, explanations, games, teaching materials and plenty of information on english language :: page default. The use of 'any' and 'some', as well as words such as 'anywhere' and 'something' explained for lower level english learners.

Exercises on some and any the words some and any are used for countable and uncountable nouns in general, we could say that some means a few / a little and any. Some or any exercise a very simple exercise - multiple choice - for elementary students to practise the use of some, any and indefinite articles i uploaded the same. An interactive quiz for studying english it uses the flash player plug-in.

Some - any : indefinite adjectives exercises elementary level beginners - esl available and suitable for mobile phones, devices and tablets. Some, any, a little, a few are used to express quantity, to say or ask if you have a quantity of something or not some is used in affirmative sentences. Some or any in english in an online exercises with tipps for using confusing words correctly. Wwwautoenglishorg written by bob wilson ©robert clifford mcnair wilson 2007 some and any exercise i’ve got some milk.

Some e any

The usage of some and any is really easy in this post you can find an infographic explaining the usage, two interactive games and a worksheet to learn this. Free javascript a / an / some / any multiple choice quiz to help students study english grammmar and vocabulary - from bradley's english school.

  • Do you (don't you) have any but some is used in affirmative statements and answers: you may have some yes, i'd like some collins english dictionary.
  • When do we use some and when any we use some and any for an amount which is not known eg have you got any crisps use of some and any some: affirmative statements.
  • Learn english online - unit 8 - lesson 38 - countable and uncountable nouns - some, any, a few, a little, many, much.

Olá pessoal, antes de fazer o exercício, indicamos um ebook que poderá ajudar a resolver o exercício e tirar várias de suas dúvidas sobre o some e any. Some / any / a / an: he's got _____ dog and some mice 6 there are _____ chairs in his room 7 are there _____ cupboards 8 can i have. English grammar lessons online learn how to use some and any in negative and interogatove sentences.